About Us

About Crooked Lane Farm and Folk School

IMG_1574Our ND Century Farm is home to Crooked Lane Farm Folk School, a learning community devoted to lifelong learning for individuals and families. We are committed to preserving, growing, and celebrating the rural community through education and the arts. Through a variety of events and experiences we offer meaningful activities that encourage creativity, personal growth, and a chance to learn just for the sake of learning.

Crooked Lane Farm is a work in progress for Brent Larson and Mary Jo Schmid. Together, we are renovating the Larson Family Farmstead and are available for classes.


Our Goals Through Education and the Arts

Preserving History

Crooked Lane Farm and the heritage of the small family farm in North Dakota.


a learning environment that provides youth and adults opportunities to discover and engage in the arts and crafts that reflect the traditional values of our community.    


rural life and fostering community.


Crooked Lane Farm in a manner that allows for sustainability and growth